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About OBC Chicken

It is said that the No.1 rule of business success is: “Find a need and fill it.”

That is precisely what the founders of OBC Chicken did when they launched their first stores in Carletonville and Potchefstroom in the late 1980’s.
Then, as is now, a large segment of the population in the low to mid income groups are dependent on taxis and public transport. Affordable low-cost proteins are also vital to this market and fresh and frozen chicken portions, fish, red and processed meat perfectly fulfilled those dietary requirements. So when OBC stores were carefully positioned in close proximity to public transport and taxi ranks, a brand new business enterprise was born ….
Tony da Fonseca, OBC Chicken MD

Right from the start, the mission and vision of OBC Chicken has been to support this low to mid market sector by creating a solid brand offering around the promise of ‘quality, affordability and convenience’.

Today this target market is over half of South Africa’s adult population – more than 16 million people – and the soundness of the original OBC vision is evident in the success of OBC group today.




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